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What is Aposafe ...?


Purchased Aposafe and now?

With the purchase you have obtained 14 identical QR-Codes. Those codes enable to create a personal data sheet. Aposafe will accompany you for one year now and provides your added data to all emergency services, attendants or supervisors. Stick one QR-Code in the car, on the bicycle, motorcycle or ski helmet. Perhaps as special information carrier for elderly people in their wallet or on their ticket, and on the student identity card of your children. It fits everywhere and can save lives.

Why Aposafe?

You might think, well, a mobile phone app will do the same. But this is only partly correct! Which emergency services “search” through your purse for a smart phone that possibly has an emergency app? And which system provides the immediate data input and individual information for dependent people or children? All this is possible with PC / Mac / cell phone 24/7.

What can Aposafe do?

Enter, change, manage and delete your personal data. You can decide which data will be displayed to the emergency services.

How do I open the data base?

Your data base opens after scanning the personal QR-Code, provided that the code is activated, then click the “emergency button”. The activation initially takes place at the opened site, after your data has been recorded and stored after your acceptance of the AGBs and privacy policies. Your personal QR-Code can additionally be shown (side above) or printed in another format.

Which app do I need to open?

The QR-Scan can be done with every QR-App. Please consider that your data can then be read. You have the opportunity to “hide” your contact data so that no reference to your person will be visible.

What additional use is there?

Aposafe enables the deposit of your agreement to organ donation as well as a patient decree.

Am I able to enter free text?

The free spaces enable personal notes. You can deposit important data of your children for daycare, teachers or other supervisors.

Am I able to directly dial telephone numbers?

At the beginning of the file you can find current emergency numbers for the alpine regions of Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Italy. It is generally possible to dial the deposited numbers with the corresponding country codes. It is necessary that you activate and save your country of origin. The country code will be automatically added.

Who can change my data?

Changes or deletion cannot be made after pressing the “emergency button”. You have to open the data base with the deposited login details. Forgotten login details can be edified after requesting them from Aposafe. Generally only you have access to your account.

How else can I maintain my data?

Your account can be opened, maintained or deleted with your mobile phone or with PC / Mac. Open the website of Aposafe: on your PC /Mac. After entering your login details the data base opens.

What else is interesting?

From version 2.0:
If your pharmacy is a partner of Aposafe, your medication can be added from your pharmacy. This way you have an overview of your medication on a daily basis. You can also order your medication through Aposafe to your pharmacy or solve small “vacation worries”: Forgot medication on vacation or used them up? Family doctor on holidays? No problem with the Aposafe “24/7 solution”. Aposafe expands the courier service of your pharmacy, if necessary up until your sun chair at your vacation resort. More safety and service is not possible.

How long can I use Aposafe?

With the purchase of the QR-Codes you can use Aposafe 1 year.

What about the price of Aposafe?

For the provision and use pay 30 euros for one year. But we hope you never come to the emergency situation in which you might need Aposafe.

What happens with the expiry of the time-of-use?

You purchase a new QR-Code and assign this to your data set. Finished. Your already entered data will automatically be adopted.

Your Aposafe-Team

Access anywhere, anytime

Important health information that can be deposited with your QR-Code:

  • Diseases
  • Personal data
  • Vaccination and allergies
  • Medication
  • Emergency contact person, along with data
  • Pet care
  • Decree, organ donation
  • Blood group

Please enter your personal login details

After opening the side you can add, change, or delete your data.

Your Aposafe-Team

Prepared for the emergency:

With Aposafe your emergency-data (e.g. emergency contact person) is mobile available at anytime for fire service, doctor and police, provided that the mobile contact is available.

Your personal Aposafe-data is available for you on any internet-supported device at anytime. You can enter, change or delete your data. That way you always have the power of disposal.

After all it is your data…

Free fields allow personal notes. You can, for example, deposit important things of your child for teachers or other supervisors. Up-to-the-minute information from your resort * complement the benefits. Aposafe will accompany you for one year, or more than a year if you renew the service and acquire a new QR-Code after the expiry of 12 months. One year security, round the clock, anywhere. Also at home. Security on demand for 2,50 Euro per month **.

* If your resort is offering the service
​** Monthly service charges. Period 1 year. Payable Total for 12 months 30 Euro.​

Sales Outlet

St. Anton / Arlberg

Emergencies can happen anytime

We all know the headlines which include personal tragedies all too often. Injured car or motorcycle drivers, skiing accidents or sudden incidents that can change our lives. Often it would be reasonable if first-aiders had more information. Which diseases are existent, which medication are taken or which allergies are causing problems. Every information on this can save lives. Organ donation or patient decree can help. Aposafe can close the gap.

Be prepared for it. Aposafe protects your health in an emergency.

Aposafe guarantees that the most important medical information is permanently available for the emergency. All information that is needed then is to be found ​with​ your personal QR-Code.

Paramedics, doctors, fire services or police have immediate access to your personal data and can get information on allergies, diseases, blood group, medication etc. and are able to initiate effective emergency medical care in an emergency. Many emergency situations can proceed more successful when first-aiders or doctors had direct access to medical patient information.

How it Works



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